The Site

The location of the house from S:t Barthélemy, and the centre for the project activities is a tiny island located in the bay of Djurgårdsbrunn, Rosendalsvägen 14, next to Skånska gruvan and restaurant Godthem on the Royal Djurgården in central Stockholm. A jetty will connect the island to the main land.

The island was constructed during the Stockholm exhibition in 1897 and a miniature version of the medieval city of Stockholm was built on it and the adjacent beach. This was the era of national romanticism and from this new interest for history was also the base for the opening of the Nordic museum and Skansen, the first open air museum in the world (1891).

The Colony projectcompletes the circle in retrieving this island as a place for bringing  history to life.

The Colony is not part of the Skansen activities, but the project is much inspired by the Skansen concept. The project location will also be interpreted in relation to Skansen.